Batman: Arkham Knight Ra’s Al Ghul DLC


After the main game shipped we began work on the DLC for the season Pass. I ended up being the main Artist in the Ra’s Al Ghul Story mission. This was a blast to work on, he is a great character and due to a scheduling quirk, I also took the lead on early design work on the mission before a designer could be allocated later down the road. This was a great opportunity and allowed me to create the initial mission flow, some of the puzzles, and liaise with story/cinematics a lot more heavily than before. Later on, a very talented designer joined me and we were in a position to tweak and polish as much as we needed. The degree of autonomy I had at the start, and then the strong collaborative environment towards the end made this a very rewarding experience.

  • Initial Grey boxing, Mission Flow and design tests/iterations
  • Updating geometry to fit new design work
  • Creation of almost all of the new assets required (Floors, Walls, props, accessories)
  • Substantial prop work on Ra’s life preserving Altar including early tests with Quixel dDo
  • Early lighting and mood explorations. Final lighting later done by Lighting Artist
  • Ensuring all areas of the Interior conform to metrics for Gameplay
  • Liaising heavily with the Story and Cinematic departments about the mission flow and cutsceness
  • Performance testing and streaming optimisations
  • Art passes to address Art feedback and design changes
  • Gameplay friendliness passes over areas to ensure a smooth gameplay experience
  • Supervision of the middle cave section in the City as this was made by another artist


For our work on this DLC, myself and the Designer were interviewed for an Arkham Insider YouTube video:

Skip to 52 seconds for the start of the interview.




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