Batman: Arkham Knight


At Rocksteady I have had the enormous pleasure of working on the City Team for Batman: Arkham Knight. It was a truly awesome experience to be part of such a prestigious and cutting edge project and I learned a colossal amount about the workings of a world class Game Studios.

I joined the project during pre-production and contributed to the vertical slice demo as part of the City Environment Team. This continued into full production, also with a promotion to Senior Artist as recognition of my skills and contribution to the project. I worked on almost all parts of the City during the project, as the scheduling requires artists to rotate around at various points in order to allocate people where the work is needed.

General work involved:

  • Grey Boxing and designing look of various city areas
  • Updating geometry to fit new design work
  • Creation of high quality, modular assets for use all over the Game
  • Ensuring all areas of the city conform to metrics for both Batman and the Batmobile
  • Liaising with and giving feedback to Outsource teams
  • Performance testing and streaming optimisations
  • Extensive LOD passes to ensure both visual fidelity and performance
  • Numerous art passes over various city chunks from initial Greybox tests, to end Polish passes
  • Gameplay friendliness passes over areas to ensure a smooth gameplay experience
  • Final bug fixing passes over many city areas eventually giving me the highest bug fix rate of the dept


My specific additional specializations for this project revolved around:

  • Creating template Outsource briefs and a very large amount of Outsource feedback
  • Art side implementation of all the city Interior Mapping
  • Art side implementation of all Joker switching Billboards and Statues
  • Creation of modular roads Shader system that dramatically reduced the Texture overhead, while doubling the texel Density
  • Ownership of all City based legal/copyright bugs

I also gave hands on demos to Games Journalists shortly before E3 2015 and was interviewed for an Arkham Insider YouTube video.


Because of modern pipelines that involve multiple artists working on each level, It is difficult to find shots that involve 100% my work, as many assets are shared across the whole game. I have spent a considerable amount of time and effort on each of the levels and shots I have posted here, along with a number of other artists that were on the project.












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