Sniper Elite v2


At Rebellion I had the pleasure of working on Sniper Elite v2, which came out in May, knocking Prototype 2 off the top spot. Because of modern pipelines that involve multiple artists working on each level, It is difficult to find shots that involve 100% my work, as many assets are shared across the whole game. I have spent a considerable amount of time and effort on each of the levels and shots I have posted here, along with a number of other artists that were on the project.

I spent the most time working on the 2nd level, Schoneberg Convoy (above), it had already been started when it was handed over to me, and my task was to spruce it up by adding damage and detail to the template/modular buildings that had been placed. There were also a number of large design changes to this level during my time on it, including adding a whole interior section (below) from scratch. I worked as the main artist on this level for about 6 months and throughout I worked closely with the level designer and helped contribute to the gameplay of the level as well as the Art.









Once this level was close to completion, I was moved onto a number of other levels to troubleshoot and assist other artists where additional work was needed. These include Facility (below), where I was tasked with doing a number of art passes on the exterior, so that the other artist could concentrate on the interior sections. I added extra detail to the quarry edges and the silhouettes, altered the lighting to make it more interesting and added a lot of extra detail to the outside.



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